Saturday, March 7, 2015

Weddings... attendance since Rob died has been downright painful! It's not just the beautiful bride and handsome groom pledging their lives to each other that's so difficult, but watching the older couples dotted throughout the congregation.
That was supposed to be us.
But today, I attended a good friend's wedding and loved every minute of it.  I suppose that measures good progress in this grief journey.  Rob mentored this young man and they became good basketball buddies. Sonny has an old soul and Rob, a young one, evening out the age difference and making for a solid friendship.  Jamie, his sweet bride, compliments Sonny perfectly.
I think I see a lot of "us" in "them.
As in many ceremonies, 1 Corinthians 13 was read, but today a golden nugget of the Love Chapter touched me in a fresh and healthy way.
The first part of verse 8 in the ESV:
Love never ends.
Even death cannot end love.
I love Rob more today than when I shared life with him.  Love, this transcendent and powerful mystery that knows no time or physical barrier...
This afternoon I sat alone on a row of white wooden chairs feeling very much in love with my Rob and thankful that I get to witness others commit to a path that I already know to be eternal.
And the greatest of these is love...

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