Monday, October 6, 2014

Dear Rob,
Your Royals move on in post season play! Yes, your "Boys of Summer" swept the Angels and we all agreed that last night's victory was for you. I almost heard your staccato applause in the fourth inning when Larenzo Cain robbed the great Albert Pujols with his diving catch and again, in the fifth, when he shattered another Angel's dream with an amazing sliding catch.  I saw you smile along with George Brett as our home town boys tasted victory.  And, of course, I grinned wide as I thought of your fairy tale trip to Royals Stadium 29 years ago. You and Brad left two young wives alone at home with four kids, but we didn't mind. How many times do you get to witness your beloved team win it all with your little brother?  I remember you calling us later that magical evening and admitting that you were afraid the stadium might collapse from the loud roar of the fans. 
Rob, I loved watching you enjoy life with childlike delight; I treasured those times when you could briefly escape from the world of three-piece suits and corporate pressure and celebrate the sweet things of life.  And, boy, you did! Today, you remind me to put the daily grind on hold and simply enjoy the things I love.
I'll be watching Friday night, sweet Rob, and wishing we were cheering together from Camden Yards.

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