Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We talked about letters last week. They still count!
We never want to miss the opportunity to speak blessing over each other's lives.
May I leave some words for you today?

My sweet girls,
You are so very precious to me. I think of you so often during the week and try each day to pray over your day. You are a light in your classroom, on your team, on your facebook wall, so I want you strengthened against the enemy's attack. There is NOT ONE thing that you could do that would separate you from my love and esteem for you.
Thank you for putting up with my gray hair, my hearing loss and my lack of relevance at times. I'm trying to figure out all of the new technology and the latest musical group, but of course, I need your help!!! But this I hope you know, my passion for you and God's Truth is never out of style. God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow and my desire for you to cling to Him is renewed every single day.
Each one of you is beautiful and unique, God's cherished treasure! Thank you for the honor of walking with you. We are on an amazing journey, each of us at a different pace, but together we, even the "Old One" will grow in wisdom and grace.
May the Father who delights in and sings over you, protect and bless you until we gather again.
Always in need of Grace,

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Shelby said...

Love Love Love this!!